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Linda & David T.

A large crew was there the first day to the the project rolling.
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Richard & Marilyn B.

Neat, professional and do a great job, plus a good sense of humor.
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Donna A.,
Design Your Body Fitness Studio

Fast, efficient, and great work.
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Facilities Manager,
Grand Valley ANB Banks

On this job rapid service was our need, which was excellently met.
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Dennis D.

Professional, attention to detail, working within our schedule.
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Lou A.

You do excellent work, good prices, start to finish.
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Glen & Pat B.

Crew worked well together, very professional.
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Dennis & Joan N.

Knowledge of Industry Standards.
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Randy M.

Very easy to work with.
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Virginia & Larry H.

Great, Great job, very, very pleased.
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Jacqueline L.

Completed on time.
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Diane N. & Larry M.

Workers were very friendly and knowledgable, a pleasure to have in my home.
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Laurie T.

Thank you for a difficult job done well.
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Tillman & Pat B.

Quality of work and Attention to the project from start to finish.
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Judy T.

You have done my son's house, my mother-in-law's house, my parent's house, and my house (several times). We have all been very satisfied.
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Richard & Diane H.

We enjoyed working with you and your crew and look forward to working with you again! Your communication skills are great!
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Joan B.

I was very well satisfied. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.
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Phyllis N.

Thank you for doing a great job. You went way beyond expectations!
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Lori & Jason P.

Extremely quick, while also a great job!

Jo C.

Prompt, clean, high quality.

Harold & Veldon H.

Very Neat!

Spike H.

Fair pricing-value for work done. Attention to detail-neatness.

Julie & Steve H.

Friendly workers. Great job!

Claude & Glenna W.

Attention to detail.

Millie & Brad F.

Thanks again for helping to make our home feel more like home.

R. K.

Decorator to help choose color.

Linda A.

Attention to detail and good finish with glaze.

City of Grand Junction, City Hall

Quality and Clean-Up.

Daryl C.

Unit sold after 3 days on the market. Thanks for the speedy turn around.

Eve & Larry C.

We were very pleased with the work. All the painters were courteous and stuck with the job until completed. We consider the men that came, friends. We will call when we need further painting done.

Mike & Claudia

It's hard to have people working in your home, but everyone was happy and easy going, so it was fun! We are thoroughly enjoying the new interior of our home!!

Lloyd & Kaily

Very nice job. Thank you ever so much be being prompt, being to the penny accurate on your quote and allowing a net 30. Your're Great!

Fini O.

Job well done and the friendliness of workers. Mike was willing to work around my schedule and I really appreciated that.

The Strattons

Fast, efficient and quality work.

William & Joanne W.

How quickly you did the job and with such neatness. I was very pleased with over-all job. The painters were friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and fast. We were pleased that there was very little clean up following the job. Thank you.

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